Youth Firearms Training


Straightforward Shooting Youth Rifle Training

Straightforward Shooting Youth Rifle Training

Many parents ask “When and how do I teach my children about guns?”

Tina Francone, our Senior Firearms Instructor, has had extensive experience in teaching children as young as 6 years old how to shoot safely. Our four most popular programs for youth are:

Tina says, “In my opinion, most folks assume that kids can’t learn how to be safe (and fun!) with firearms.  As Rangemaster for the Valley District of Boy Scouts for 4 years, I’ve seen about 200 Scouts a day shoot without a single injury.  Kids are eager to learn and when you teach them the same things that you teach adults – they get it.  Kids can remember those same three rules that adults do – ALWAYS keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot and ALWAYS keep your firearm unloaded until you’re ready to use it.  They want to shoot more than they want to misbehave and if they understand that, they’ll have a wonderful shooting experience. As an active rifle and shotgun merit badge counselor for the Denver Area Council of Boy Scouts, I enjoy shooting with and teaching our youth.  We’re careful to impress upon them that there’s a difference between Modern Warfare 3 (my personal fav!) and real life.”

It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your kids about safe firearm handling, whether or not you have one in your home.  The latest Census Reports confirm that about 49% of the households in the U.S. contain a firearm.  So if your son or daughter is visiting a friend, maybe those folks have not been as careful to instruct their household about safe firearm handling.  Don’t let your child be uninformed.

So, when do you know your kid is ready?  Answer:  When they start asking about it!  They’re interested and looking to you to have some answers for them.  Of course, some children aren’t ready to handle firearms – they’re not physically or emotionally mature enough.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your kids about firearms.  At a minimum, you should be advising your kids that if they find a firearm – DON’T TOUCH IT!  Remove yourself from the area and tell a parent or trusted adult.  (Some adults need to follow this rule too!)

Once you, as a parent or guardian, are confident that your child is mature enough to understand the responsibility of gun handling and shooting, we will welcome them in any of our Courses.

The shooting sports, whether it’s pistol, rifle or shotgun, are something that everyone in the family can enjoy and makes for a memorable and fun day!