These are the general requirements to participate in an Straightforward Shooting Class.

1. You must be eligible under federal and state law to possess and use a firearm for training and target shooting.  You must be 21 years of age; but minors may attend with parent or legal guardian in attendance at the live fire portion of the class. Application for a Colorado Concealed Handgun permit has additional fees and restrictions.

2. A State issued, photo ID must be presented at the start of class.

3. Price of classes include instruction, course materials, and range time. They do not include ammunition or your firearm. Payment for the class must be made in advance. Please make sure you acquire a proper amount and proper caliber ammunition for your firearm before the day of class.


5. These classes are content-based. That is, you must learn certain content in order to receive your certificate of completion. Late arrival or early departure will result in no-certificate. Failure to participate in the class or shooting portion of the class will result in no certificate.

6. We work hard to get every student to qualify in the shooting portion of the class. Some do not. In that case, we will be happy to schedule a private lesson with you to get your accuracy sharp enough that you qualify and receive your certificate.

7. Although we try to estimate how long each class takes, they vary substantially in length because of the extent of class participation, how fast students qualify at the shooting range and other factors. The class is content-based and you must participate in all the content to receive your certificate. Therefore, you should plan your day so that you are not required to leave at exactly the time we estimate the class will end. Leave a buffer of an hour or two.

8. You will be required to fill out Straightforward Shooting’s sign up form and a sign a disclaimer for Straightforward Shooting and the facility at which we conduct the class at or before the beginning of class. Completion of these forms is a condition of taking the class. No refund will be made if you do not.

9. If you use your own firearm, it must be in good working order. Our decision about whether you may shoot a particular firearm is final. All decisions by the instructor regarding safety are final. Disruptive or unsafe behavior in class will result in expulsion from class and no refund. The instructor’s decision in this regard is final.

10, The minimum class size is five. If fewer than five sign up, we will, in our discretion, reschedule the students that did sign up to another time.

11. CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE POLICY – Please understand that we have specifically reserved this spot in class for you. If you need to reschedule, please give 48 hours’ notice. We will reschedule you for the next available class; however, repeated rescheduling will be treated as a no-show. A “no call” or “no show” will result in NO REFUND. Repeated rescheduling , even with 48 hours notice, will eventually be treated, in instructor’s sole discretion, as a failure to appear for class. No refund will be given therefore.

12. Payment made before the student books a specific class that is more than 90 days after payment shall have lost their right to attend class, without a $100 resigning fee.