Your Concealed Handgun Permit does not mean you are ready to strap it on and defend yourself. Most self-defense in public happens so quickly that it is over in about three seconds.  But getting a gun out of your holster is a lot harder than it looks on TV. You should know how to safely carry, draw and shoot BEFORE you carry concealed in public. This is the first step in what is called, tactical pistol shooting.

Our Holster 101 Confident Carry™ Workshop is a five-six hour workshop. The focus is on developing your basic physical skills for tactical pistol shooting–drawing from a holster, firing quickly, firing accurately, firing legally and moving. We also cover:

  • The basics of how to buy, fit and wear a holster or concealment device,
  • Five steps to drawing from concealment, and
  • Basic tactical pistol shooting skills.

You will train with state-of-the-art SIRT laser training pistols to learn trigger control, aiming, and holster-work skills in the classroom. Then, we head for the range and you put those skills to work with live ammunition.

Learn Tactical Pistol Holster Basics Today

Tactical Pistol Clinic

Tactical Pistol Clinic!





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Who Should Attend?

This clinic is not for new shooters! You should be familiar with handling and shooting your gun before you take this clinic.

Tactical Pistol Holster Class Details

Your class materials include the 130 page book: The Straightforward Shooting Guide to the Colorado Concealed Handgun.

Each clinic takes place at The Firing Line, 20 S. Potomac St. Aurora CO.


Call Frank at 719-749-6022 or Contact us today.

This is not an NRA approved Course.

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