NRA Instructor Classes

NRA Instructor Classes certify you to teach others how to shoot firearms. In Colorado, NRA Instructor status qualifies you to certify Coloradans to apply for their Concealed Handgun Permit. Straightforward Shooting’s Instructor classes will qualify you as an instructor in three disciplines: Rifle Instructor, Pistol Instructor and Shotgun Instructor.

To become an NRA Instructor, you must take at least two courses of training:

  • Basic Instructor Training (“BIT Training”); and
  • Instructor training specific to your discipline–Handgun, Shotgun or Rifle.

You have to take the Basic Instructor (BIT) Training first. Once you have completed the BIT Training, you may take any one or more of the discipline specific courses. All instructor classes take place in Aurora, Colorado.

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Remember, you must have completed your Basic Instructor Training before the date of your Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol Instructor class!

Basic Instructor Training (at The Firing Line, Aurora CO)
Rifle Instructor Training (at The Firing Line, Aurora CO)
Pistol Instructor Training (at The Firing Line, Aurora CO)
Shotgun Instructor Training (at Cherry Creek Family Shooting Center, Aurora, CO)