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Do You Carry Concealed with Confidence? The March Confident Carry Workshop

Do You Carry Concealed with Confidence?

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You have basic pistol training and maybe even a concealed handgun permit. But can you get your gun out of your holster quickly, safely and effectively? (It is a lot harder than it looks on TV). Could you actually protect yourself or your family if their lives were on the line?

Come and spend some time with the instructors at Straightforward Shooting and learn how in our advanced “CONFIDENT CARRY™” Workshop this March.

Straightforward Shooting’s Confident Carry™ workshop is offered in 3 sessions beginning March 25 – March 29. Workshop size, is limited to ten students, and will focus on learning and improving the physical skills necessary for you to protect yourself against a criminal attack with confidence.

This critical workshop is comprised of three, 3-hour sessions that will cover:

• Session 1 – (March 25 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) – Basic physical skills required: drawing from a holster to the ready position, drawing to a shooting position, shooting to stop, moving from the ready position to a shooting position, effective trigger control, and safely reholstering your handgun. The first session will be in a classroom setting at Dakota Ridge Church in Littleton.

• Session 2 – (March 27 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) – Demonstrate that you can execute these skills safely using state-of-the art SIRT laser training guns in a classroom setting at Dakota Ridge Church in Littleton.

• Session 3 (March 29 10:00 a to 1:00 pm) – You will use the skills you have mastered with live ammunition on the range at Ben Lomond Gun Club in Ramah, CO.

We supplement the hands-on training with information covering handgun safety, Colorado law regarding self-defense, situational awareness, shooting from cover and concealment, and the mental preparation necessary to use a handgun in self-defense.

This is NOT a beginner’s workshop. Prerequisites for this class are a current Colorado Concealed Carry Permit plus one of the following:

1. Proof of completion of an NRA Basic Pistol Course;
2. Proof of POST Certification from law enforcement or military for handgun;
3. Successful completion of Straightforward Shooting’s Concealed Handgun class;
4. Proof of NRA certification as a pistol instructor;
5. Demonstrate competence with basic handgun skills before the class in a private lesson.

You will need the following equipment:

1. Your own handgun and concealment hip-holster;
2. Snap caps (dummy rounds);
3. Two extra magazines or speed-loaders for revolvers, a belt magazine pouch to hold them;
4. Ear protection (electronic preferred) and eye protection (live fire portion only);
5. Minimum 300 rounds of ammunition (live fire portion only);
6. Hat that covers the eyes (like a bill cap—live fire portion only).

Most importantly, you will learn and effectively practice those critical mental and physical skills necessary to confidently carry your handgun for personal protection.

We’d be delighted to spend some time with you in this fun and functional workshop. To learn more or to register, please call Tina at 720-989-9662.

Thank you!